November 17, 2011

All photos taken by Edelen McWililams.

One free copy for everyone!  WORDS TO MY LIFE’S SONG by Ashley Bryan.

Stephen Dunn on trombone and Richard Mannoia on clarinet.

Performer Sydia Cedeno.

Pre-show reading.

Bronx is beautiful.

An absorbing book.

Pre-show excitement.

Ushering in the night!

Holter Graham kicks things off. 

Ken English at the podium.

Dr. Ashok Vaswani, mid-front row, president of the NCV Foundation.

Neela Vaswani, Storylines Project curator, introduces the amazing Ashley Bryan!

Ashley and the Storylines Award (created by potter, Way Shen). 

Words flow through Ashley.

He captivates us all.

Inhabiting Langston Hughes.

Echo reading!  We were one voice. 

Ashley becomes Hughes’ characters. 

Write, read, be determined! 

Honorable Mention, Cecilia Opoku.

Congratulations from Ashley.

Honorable Mention, Howard Fuller.

Honorable Mention, Edward Seabron.

Honorable Mentions, Shu Zhang and Vasyl Barabash, with Neela Vaswani and Ashley Bryan.

Honorable Mention, Carlos Sanchez.

Honorable Mention, Dieuvela Charles.

Honorable Mention, John Stasolla.

Neela Vaswani congratulates Honorable Mention, Margarita Rivina.

Honorable Mention, Juanita Jenkins. 

Honorable Mention, Anthony Burnett. 

Honorable Mention, Henderickson George. 

Honorable Mention, Delia Arias.

Honorable Mention, Mafuza Khanam.

Mafuza and Ashley.

The boots of George Sanchez!  Read his story under “This Year’s Winners” and it will all make sense.

Storylines Prize winner, George Sanchez, his boots, and Ashley.

Sydia Cedeno takes the stage and brings the house down.

Storylines Prize winner, Victoria Kiminta with Ashley.   

Storylines  Prize winner, Alberto Ramirez and Ashley.

Storylines Prize winner, Bibiana Garcia and her tutor, with Ashley.

Storylines Prize winner, Wilawan Thirapatarapong with Ashley and Neela.

Juanita Jenkins.

Post-show.  Time for food, fellowship, basking, and book signing.

Queing up for food and drink. 

Wilawan Thirapatarapong and her tutor. 

Bronx is beautiful. 

Alberto Ramirez and his tutor.

On the book signing line. 

Storylines video, created by Aguilar and the Bronx. 

Book signing!

Ashley, generous and dedicated. 

Bronx Library Center’s BEAUTIFUL BLACKBIRD (by Ashley Bryan) display. 

What a night!  A glorious time was had by all.

Backstory….the Gordon food prep/lawyer Storylines team.  The real muscle! 

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