December 13, 2012

All photos taken by Edelen McWililams.

One free copy for everyone.  WE ARE AMERICA: A TRIBUTE FROM THE HEART by
Walter Dean Myers and Christopher Myers.

Laura Lee, NCV assistant coordinator.

Stephen Dunn on trombone and Richard Mannoia on clarinet.  Making beautiful pre-show music.

Pre-show excitement.  Everyone arriving!

Hilary Schenker handing out the books.

Christine DeBush greets and gives books.

Getting settled. 

Smiles from Yolanda, Decklan, and Sid. 

Ken and Decklan.

Editor Phoebe Yeh and Walter Dean Myers.

Reading an amazing book.

And the music plays on.

Ken English kicks off the evening with words of wisdom. 

A happy audience.

The Storylines Prize goes to Walter Dean Myers and Christopher Myers for their beautiful book, WE ARE AMERICA: A TRIBUTE FROM THE HEART.

Kindred engraved teapots for father and son.  Created by potter, Way Shen.

Christopher Myers and Walter Dean Myers on the value and virtue of literacy and storytelling. 

An incredible team. 

They do art, they do education, they amaze and inspire.  And throw in some vaudeville, too!

Cracking up Victoria!

Profound and heartfelt words to live and write by. 

Walter and Chris read out their Honorable Mention selections.

Honorable Mention Myrna Walker with Neela Vaswani of the NCV Foundation and Christopher Myers.

Honorable Mention Tracy Nong takes the stage. 

Milagros Gonzalez—“New York Cowgirl” and Honorable Mention.

Stylish Roosevelt Pugh.  Proud Honorable Mention. 

Christopher Myers and Honorable Mention winner, Shun Hing Lau Chan.


Honorable Mention winner, Juan Villarin. 

Honorable Mention Irolyn Bowen with Christopher Myers and Neela Vaswani.

Walter and Chris discuss what they admired about the student writing. 

Honorable Mention Peter Mansam. 

Sid accepts for St. Agnes Honorable Mention winners. 

Honorable Mention Jenny Foong takes the stage! 

Jenny congratulated by Walter. 

Honorable Mention Dina Lau and Christopher Myers. 

Honorable Mention Nimatu Idrisi and Christopher Myers. 

Dynamic performer Sydia Cedeno.

Channeling words and emotions.  Becoming the four winning stories. 

Storylines Prize winner Jahara Drammeh with Christopher Myers.

June Foley of NYU Literacy Review and Jahara Drammeh. 

Storylines Winner Mariama Sallah with Christopher Myers.

Storylines Winner Alba Quiroz with Christopher Myers.

Walter Dean Myers congratulates Alba.

Victoria Kiminta, two-time Storylines winner, alights the stage.

Celebratory hugs!

Alba and her tutor.

Good faces at the helm of the NYPL Literacy Program.  Read, write, learn, grow, be determined!

Najah and Barbara on the signing line.

Great smile from Honorable Mention Peter Mansam. 

Dolores and Charmain, posing bold and beautiful! 

Honorable mention Irolyn Bowen on the signing line. 

Terry Sheehan and Sydia Cedeno share a laugh and a hug. 

Food and fellowship.

Working together. 

Greetings from Aguilar!

Harlem in the house.

2009 Storylines Winner Senetta Smith.

Elaine Sohn with the proud and talented Aguilar crew.

Team NCV: President, Dr. Ashok Vaswani; Communications Director, Holter Graham, Vice President, Neela Vaswani.

Holter Graham and event photographer/actor, Edelen McWilliams. 
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