The Bronx.  Spanish Harlem.  Harlem.  Chinatown.  Staten Island.  The Upper West Side.  The Lower East Side. 

The New York Public Library’s
Centers for Reading and Writing span the city and occupy historical crossroads of American immigration. 

In the tradition of community, education, and refuge, the
eight CRW programs exemplify the spirit of the Storylines Project: promoting literacy, libraries, and free resources.

The Centers offer good books, free education, volunteer teaching, classes, workshops, computers, and all that a library gives to the neighborhood it anchors. 
These programs have been an important part of the NYPL for decades and have offered education and community to thousands of Adult Literacy and ESL students. 

Read Clyde Haberman’s New York Times article about the NYPL literacy program, StoryCorps, and our 2009 Storylines Winner, Senetta Smith.