Each year, the NCV Foundation sponsors a “Hometown Project.”  In an effort to bring together adult and youth literacy, a copy of the judging author’s book, affixed with the Storylines Project seal, will be given to the members of a high school or elementary school class in the author’s hometown. 

Adult literacy participants at the New York Centers for Reading and Writing and students in the Hometown Project will have a chance to learn about one another.

In conjunction with author Ashley Bryan’s 2011 visit, the NCV Foundation supplied copies of Words to My Life’s Song to Children’s Literature for Children in Kenya, Africa and Atlanta, Georgia.  



In conjunction with author Naomi Shihab Nye’s 2010 visit, the NCV Foundation supplied copies of Honeybee to the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in Austin, Texas for a One Book event involving seven classes.



In conjunction with author Silas House’s 2009 visit, the NCV Foundation supplied copies of Eli the Good to the Frank J. White Academy for a One Book event and to Cumberland Gap High School, Tennessee.